Boonsung Wreck

Short day trip with longtail boat to the Boonsung wreck

This short day trip we make at the nearby wreck “Boonsung”. This old tin dredging boat sank in 1984 to the west of Nam Khem pier, about 7 nautical miles from the coast. The wreck lay down on the sandy bottom, in three pieces, in a depth of 18-20m.

The size of the wreck is about 30 meters (width) and 70 meters (length). The average depth at the roof of the wreck is about 13-16 meters and the highest part of the wreck can be found at a depth of about 11-12 meters. There are two mooring lines that the day trip boats use to moor up.

current: easy to medium
visibility: between 5 – 15 meters

Underwater world:
Today, the wreck is covered with countless shells, hard and soft coral, and is an artificial reef. Although the Boonsung wreck is a small wreck, there are plenty of fish to see, such as schools of big-eyed mackerel, snappers, yellow-tailed barracudas, and bat fishes, in addition, numerous porcupine fishes as well as cuttlefishes (sepia). On the sandy bottom, there are often different types of gobies, which live in their symbiosis with crustaceans in sand holes. Also blue spotted stingrays and flounders can be found here.

Hundreds of scorpionfishes, moray eels and lionfishes have made this wreck their new home. Macro fans will find an absolute paradise here.Dozens of nudibranchs, various shrimps, ghostpipe fishes and other small stuff but also stonefishes, blue spotted stingrays, huge puffer-, doctor- and angelfishes are waiting to be discovered.

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